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Slashers x doctor reader Slashers x doctor reader slashers x reader slasher x reader slasher fandom slasher fanfiction slasher imagines slasher fic michael myers michael myers x reader 205 notes Sep 15th, 2020 Open in app

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Apr 16, 2021 · Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi, adapted by Sonja Cherry-Paul, illus. by Rachelle Baker (Little, Brown) National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature Reynolds first offered an edifying YA remix of Kendi’s National Book Award–winning adult title; this adaptation makes their engaging American history of racism and anti-racism ...
Post Type: answer Notes: 1168 Created: 1 year ago Filed under: jason voorhees x reader stu macher x reader brahms heelshire x reader michael myers x reader bo sinclair x reader anon i lOVED THIS my LADS i was just gonna do one bonus character like i usually do when requests leave that option open but i just hNNNG loved this prompt - i was ...

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Feb 15, 2020 · 🔪[18+ ONLY]🔪 mobile -x x x 🔪 Requests: CLOSED🔪 🔪Matchups: CLOSED🔪 🔪COMMISSIONS: OPEN🔪 Slasher imagine blog. Please read all the rules before sending an ask!
Hey I was wondering if I could maybe get a Jennifer Check x fem reader, well anything really. ... He's not used to hearing people speak in different languages as the most anyone ever spoken in the sanitorium was a bit of spanish, but that was it. ... slashers x reader slasher x reader slasher slasher community slashers dbd x reader dead by ...1 day ago · EP: Exactly. We’re really examining the creation of Gein and the psychological impact of his crimes. And I’m proud of the fact that we don’t cram one view down the reader’s throats. We present the evidence as we understand it, and through characters in the book present different perspectives.

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Pinned Post slasher x reader slasher x you request blog freddy krueger NN freddy krueger the djinn the creeper karellen nightmare on elm street wishmaster ... Aesthetics can be your choice of slasher or slashers (only up to 2). ... thank you for the floofy sheep and the kind words. I hope you are doing alright and I love all the different ...
billy loomis billy loomis x reader jason vorhees x reader jason voorhees michael myers x reader michael myers thomas hewitt x reader thomas hewitt pennywise x reader pennywise it tiffany valentine chop top sawyer chucky x reader childsplay stu macher stu macher x reader brahms heelshire brahms the boy brahms x reader bubba x reader bubba sawyer nubbins sawyer freddy kruger x reader slasher fandom freddy krueger slashers jeepers creepers jeniffers bodydean winchester happy birthday to dean winchester and to me birthday supernatural spn hopefully I'll get back to writing for slashers n stuff michael myers michael myers x reader jason voorhees jason voorhees x reader bubba sawyer candyman x reader slashers birthday vibes yayyy 🎉🎉🎉 i hope to post a slasher reaction tomorrow. hope is ...

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#137: Captain Hook x Reader Thanks @underworldsheiress for requesting Add yourself to the Tag List Part 1 Part 3 Request: Please a part two to the Hook's last imagine where they have a family dinner...
🔪[18+ ONLY]🔪 mobile -x x x 🔪 Requests: CLOSED🔪 🔪Matchups: CLOSED🔪 🔪COMMISSIONS: OPEN🔪 Slasher imagine blog. Please read all the rules before sending an ask!I’m not sure if you meant like in a fight or purely out of circumstance but I went with the latter lol. yes this has three different writing formats shhhh. Multi Slasher x Reader | Slashers Accidentally Hitting S/O Jason

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pairing tom riddle x hufflepuff!reader genre angst. Originally posted by hogwartsfansite. tom riddle was a very unique being. and you were different to anything he'd ever encountered. he didn't really feel 'affection' towards anyone. tom marvolo riddle didn't even know what affection or the 4 letter synonymous word meant.
Slashers x reader masterlist. I know you haven't posting but I was excited for your black!reader fics. Bittersweet Smau Masterlist ¬By clicking, you can read my request rules so you can send a request in. Twilight x reader masterlist The arcana x reader scenarios The arcana x reader scenarios Micheal Myers x Shy! reader from the story Slashers x reader one-shots {Book 2} by Another picture of ... ♡ Slasher Imagines Blog ♡ ♡ Hiya dearies, I desire you are all well. I'm Smitten, a newbie to the slasher community. With contribution of splendid writing produced by lovely blogs (@slashthedice and @slashers-hell) and my insatiable thirst for these big stabby men, I've decided to help write out the fantasies you may have with these infamous slashers.

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slasher x reader (scenarios with angst) Slashers included: Brahms Heelshire and Billy Lenz . Warnings: language, sexual themes, severe depression, mention of sexual trauma, abusive relationship, mention of death. Notes: Please remember, this is purely Billy Lenz from the original Black Christmas movie.
There's a bed, fridge, microwave, and a work desk that's littered with various tools and what look like medical instruments. A small bookcase holds various old volumes of comics and porno mags. ... x reader brahms x reader brahms heelshire/reader brahms/reader the boy the boy 2016 horror slashers slasher lover slasher x reader slasher ...You get sick (Slashers x Reader) ((Some short things, I literally have strep throat as I am writing this, yay :’) )) Thomas Hewitt. You’re working in the garden when he notices how red you look, when you lift your arm to try and sneakily cough into your sleeve he immediately knows somethings wrong.

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Michael Myers x Reader | Sick! Mikey (headcanons, kinda) Smith's Grove was a relatively sterile environment, and growing up there as a child meant that Michael was sheltered from other icky-sticky children and their nasty kiddie germs.
* Carrie won’t mind something different or try a new dish from a cook book that she checked out. * Overall she’s just a sweet angel that loves to do these kinds of stuff with you. jason voorhees michael myers x reader leatherface thomas hewitt x reader bubba sawyer carrie white x reader brahms heelshire lester sinclair x reader vincent ...

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Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Jack Slashers Pennywise ... Leatherface Reader Freddy Krueger Michael Myers Yandere Norman Bates Hannibal Lecter Jason Voohers. Sceneroies for the Yandere slasher or slashers you want. There needs to be more Yanderes and More love for the slashers.
Brahms Heelshire x M!Reader. Originally posted by boodalinski. Last Edited: April 15, 2021 12:05 PM. TW: foul language, strangulation. @molstkiwi: could i request a brahms x male reader, where y/n is the new grocery delivery man, who's tall af ? and Brahms is confused af that there's someone actually taller than him. Tags: none. Keep reading